Museum & History


In our museum are local artefacts, family history, photographs, oral history recordings, DVDs, books and other items that will remind you of our past. Let the children try out our morse code equipment, draw on the blackboard and search for the secretive mice.

Built in 1896, the Old Post Office was the centre of activity for a growing community. Some 20 years after the timber industry began, there were many families living in the town, on nearby farms and orchards and they were anxious for news from their loved ones back home. In an era long before the advent of internet and mobile phones, they could communicate only by letter or telegram. The Post Office was critical to the town’s survival.

The timber industry gradually declined, bauxite mining arrived and the two industries co-existed for several decades. New facilities were built in the town and the old Post Office fell into disuse. In the early 1990s, local residents fought to save the building and so, Jarrahdale Heritage Society was formed. With support from the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and local businesses, it was restored to its former glory. In 1997, Jarrahdale was classified as an Historic Town.

The Old Post Office is now home to our museum and, some people believe they can feel the ghostly presence of an early postmistress still residing there!!


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Felled by hand, the huge logs were hauled on jinkers or whims by horse and bullock teams to the nearest rail landing and taken to the mill.
From 1872 until 1997, when the town’s timber industry closed, there were 14 mills.  It was an extremely dangerous industry and there were many accidents and fires.
After milling, the sawn timbers were loaded onto flat-topped wagons and were pulled by steam engine down the hills and across to Rockingham.
Rockingham was the nearest port where the Jarrah was loaded onto sailing ships and exported interstate and overseas.

Town Sights

Although many of the old buildings no longer exist, some features still stand to demonstrate our history.

St Paul’s Anglican Church

Built in 1896, it was moved to its current site in 2008.

Jarrahdale Cemetery

From 1872, there were burials on this site. It was gazetted as a cemetery in 1883.

Centenary Log

It honours 100 years of logging and shows the size of our original trees.

General Store

The original store was built in 1872 by the mill operators.  Rebuilt, and relocated to this site in the early 1900s, it is now a great place for a coffee & chat.

Mill Manager’s House

Built around 1885 for the mill owner, it was later occupied by managers and their families.  This house was once the grandest residence in Jarrahdale.

St Maria Goretti Catholic Church

Built in 1958, it replaced an earlier church that was badly damaged by termites.

War Memorial

Erected after WW1, it honours the many young men of Jarrahdale who went to war.

Single Men’s Quarters

With the huge influx of single men in the 1800s, these tiny cottages were built for them.

Environmental Centre

Originally the doctor’s residence, then the nurses quarters, this building is now in use once again.

Timber Houses

Typical of the homes that housed the timber workers and their families, these are a reflection of our past.

Historic Timber Town. A map showing the location of these historic buildings can be purchased HERE.