Trail Maps

Most of the trails are classified:

Class 1  Easy flat walking, suitable for prams and wheel chairs

Class 2  Well defined path, gentle gradients

Class 3  Well defined path, short steep sections, some uneven or loose surface

Class 4  Variable surface, steep sections, loose gravel, slippery, fitness required

Class 5  Difficult trek, unmarked, variable loose surface, high fitness required

Class 6  Cross country, unmarked, experience and special equipment may be needed

The maps below are a PDF download, simply add the desired map to your cart and checkout.

Please note that dogs are not permitted in National Parks.  

They must be restrained on a leash in State Forests, around the town and in local parks.



Note: Some signage is missing

  • Try the newly-restored 1872 Heritage Railway Trail.

We encourage bushwalking around Jarrahdale but, we have no control over the forest.

Please report any problems to Parks & Wildlife - 9290 6100.

  • Jarrahdale History Trail

    • Highlights sites that form the Heritage of Jarrahdale.
    • Giving an insight into the town from the former logging days to the current time.
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  • Jarrahdale Tracks and Trails

    This booklet contains all of the maps sold individually on this site along with additional information about Jarrahdale, its history, walk trails, flora & fauna plus, our guided walks.

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  • Historic Timber Town Map

    • An overview of Jarrahdale and all of its historic places of interest.
    • Details location of picnic areas, toilets and parking
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  • Trails and Parks

    • An overview of Jarrahdale and the various walks and parks
    • Details location of information areas and toilets
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  • Heritage Town Walk

    • A gentle walk that takes in the town sights
    • 4.5km Loop.
    • Class 2
    • Dogs on lead
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  • WWII POW Camp Trail

    • This trail links with the Balmoral Track
    • 0.5km Loop
    • Class 1
    • NO DOGS
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  • Langford Park Walk Trails

    Tallow Wood & Ken Jones Trail

    • 2km, Class 2
    • 4.5km Loop, Class 3
    • Dogs on lead
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  • Tony Henniker Long Walk

    • This is a longer walk through and around the town.
    • approx 20kms
    • Class 3
    • Dogs on lead
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  • Jarrahdale Bridle Trail

    • Gravel trail approx. 16km
    • Some steep gradients and stony areas. Winter Creeks.
    • This is a multiple-use trail.
    • Parking for horse floats.
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  • Langford Park Mountain Bike Trails

    • Various bike trails of differing distances.
    • Beware of other users.
    • NO DOGS
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  • Korribinjal Brook Trails

    • 3km Loop, Class 2
    • 2km Loop, Class 3
    • Dogs on lead


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  • Mundlimup Timber Trail

    • Shares a start with The Balmoral Trail
    • 3km / 6km loops
    • Class 2
    • Dogs on lead
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  • Balmoral Trail

    • Links with four other trails
    • 1st section 11km
    • 2nd section 9km
    • Class 2
    • Dogs on lead
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  • Kitty’s Gorge Trail

    • This trail goes to Serpentine Falls and links with Stacey’s Track
    • 7km (or 14km return)
    • Class 4
    • NO DOGS
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  • Stacey’s Track

    • Links with Kitty’s Gorge Trail
    • 5km Loop
    • Class 2
    • NO DOGS
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  • 1872 Heritage Railway Trail

    • 10km trail plus 4km Loop
    •  Class 3
    • Dogs on lead
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